Recruitment Week FAQ

What is a Recruitment Gift?

Recruitment Week gifts are non-Greek gifts that are delivered during recruitment week to your student to wish her "Good Luck!", "Welcome to OU" and "We love you!". The perfect way to help them through an exciting but sometimes stressful week.

When is the Recruitment Week Gift delivered?

Greek Necessities gifts will be delivered (no delivery charge) as follows:

Recruitment Necessities Gift - Tuesday, August 15

Recruitment Ready Gift - Wednesday, August 16

Welcome to Norman Gift - Thursday, August 17

We Love Oklahoma Gift - Friday, August 18

Gameday Ready Gift - Saturday, August 19

Gifts will be delivered to your daughter each evening by their assigned Rho Gamma (a recruitment counselor) during their nightly meeting.

How will my daughter know she has a mid-week gift and what if she did not receive the gift?

The gift will be delivered to your daughter during her evening meeting by her assigned Rho Gamma. It never hurts to let your daughter know she has a little surprise on the way.

OU does not allow us to deliver to dorm rooms.

If your daughter did not receive her gift, please have her check with her Rho Gamma first, and then email us and we will track the gift down and have it delivered.